Jun,22 01:55 AM

Compared to the conventional immovable coil spring suspension system, the air suspension system is currently adopted by most cars which can raise or lower the height of the chassis according to the fluctuation of the road, so that the vehicle can meet the driving demand under various road conditions.

For this purpose, the air suspension system is often used on off-road vehicles in harsh road conditions to ensure vehicles smoothly through the mud, wading, gravel and other road surfaces.

Air suspension system is a very practical configuration, but it is “fragile.” As the system structure is more complex, and the probability of failure and frequency is much higher than the coil spring suspension system. Due to use air as the chassis height adjustment “propulsion”, the shock absorber seal need to further improve. If the air Vibration device is leakage, then the whole system will be in a “paralyzed” state. And if you frequently adjust the chassis height, there may be local overheating of the pump system will greatly shorten the life of the pump.







LEACREE Air Suspension Springs are tested 100% with air-leakage test and can furthest reduce the leakage occurrence. Our Leacree Air Suspension Springs are composed of a highly durable rubber and plastic bag and are designed to replace O.E.M. air springs for a smoother and more balanced ride.

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