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LEACREE comes from the abbreviation of words: Leading and Creation. It shows the brand attitude of "leading and innovating".


LEACREE has been adhering to enterprise development ideas “Quality First, Technology Innovation, Customer Satisfaction” to engage in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality shocks & struts and other suspension products; devoted our energies in providing the global customers with professional, reliable and high-quality automotive shocks & struts and suspension products.




  • LEACREE is specialized in manufacturing and marketing shocks & struts globally.


  • LEACREE is a professional manufacturer of high-quality complete strut assemblies and other automotive suspension products.


  • LEACREE COMPANY locates in Tennessee of the United States.


  • LEACREE owns factories, branches and offices in more than 10 cities including Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Ningbo and Hong Kong.


  • LEACREE (Chengdu) locates in national economic and technological development zone of research and development production base of Chengdu City with neat efficient research and development office facilities and over 100,000 square meters of modern production workshop and a large number of advanced professional production line equipment, which meets the high standards of a lot of development and production with advanced technology and high-quality of automotive shocks & struts and other suspension products.


  • So far, LEACREE already have millions of high quality LEACREE brand products highly recognized by the consumers to be loaded on the vehicles of the consumers in the main developed countries and markets in Europe and America.


  • In Knoxville and Los Angeles of the United States, Chengdu City of China, London of United Kingdom, LEACREE has efficient professional warehouse construction designed to quickly and efficiently to serve Chinese, European and American customers.


  • The LEACREE distribution network covers the world.


  • LEACREE's products are recognized by many regional customers around the world and are given the meaning of "safe, controlled, and comfortable".


  • In the year of 2017, LEACREE strengthens its brand in China, further introduces a new solution to China's owners - LEACREE complete strut assembly to help owners quickly fix car's suspension and suspension problem and enjoy high-quality new riding experience.


  • Due to the continuous growth of our business, LEACREE is looking for distributors with experience in the automotive market, especially those with experience with shocks and struts in the world.


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