LEACREE Air Suspension

Leacree  Jul,13 04:27 AM

Leacree Air suspension system essentially replace a vehicle's coil spring with air springs. The air springs are simply tough rubber and plastic bags inflated to a certain pressure and height to mimic the coil springs. But the similarities end there. By adding in an on-board air compressor, sensors and electronic controls, today's air suspension systems provide several advantages over all-m

Why Coilover Kits?

Leacree  Jul,13 04:25 AM

LEACREE adjustable kits, or kits that reduce the ground clearance are commonly used on cars. Used with “sport packages” these kits let the vehicle owner “adjust” vehicle height and improve vehicle performance. In most installations the vehicle is “lowered”.

These types of kits are installed for several reason, but 2 basic reasons are:

1. Aesthetically change t

Shock Absorber or Complete Strut Assembly?

Leacree  Jul,13 04:22 AM

Now in the vehicle shock parts market, Complete Strut and Shock Absorber are both popular. When need to replace Vehicle shock , how to choose? Here are tips:

Struts and shocks are very similar in function, but very different in design. The job of both is to control excessive spring motion; however, struts are also a structural component of the suspension. Struts can take the place of

Production and Performance Test

Leacree  Jul,12 11:49 AM

All products we developed and produced pass by layers of quality control. Each batch must pass bench test. And new products need to be loaded on cars to go road test through our American company. Our company has sufficient inspection mechanism including IQC, PQC, and OQC; We own computer control precision testing equipment including equipment for endurance test, material test, salt spray test,

Product Quality

Leacree  Jul,12 11:37 AM

LEACREE, with its innovation design and advanced engineering, provide a full line of shocks and components, which are recognized worldwide for their reliability and excellent ride control and handling performance. LEACREE has already developed shock absorbers and air springs with more than 2000 applications. Majority covers monotube shock absorber, twin tube shock absorber, and heavy duty shock