Strut mount?

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While a strut mount may sound like something simple, it can be one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s suspension system. The strut mount serves as the mounting point for the top of your vehicle’s strut assemblies to connect to your vehicle’s chassis. If you have four-wheel-independent suspension you vehicle will have four strut mounts, two in the front of your vehicl


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LEACREE attended automechanika shanghai from 30 Nov. to 3 Dec., 2016. We thank all our visitors for their visit and their requirement as well as their business issues. We gained much success from this exhibition. We showed all series of our products which contain shock absorbers, air springs, complete struts and coilover kits.


LEACREE air springs are a newly available

Car check-up for the vacations.

Leacree  Mar,22 09:41 AM

Before going on the road vacation, please finish a check-up for your car!

1. The complete struts and brakes

It is difficult to check brake andcomplete struts by oneself when we don't know too much about it. If you are in doubt, bring your car to the garage for a professional review.

Do My Struts Need To Be Changed?

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Do My Struts Need To Be Changed?

One of the biggest changes in the mindset of today’s shoppers is the shift from a consumption mentality to a savings mentality. And that isn’t seen any more clearly than behind garage doors