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The Design of Adjustable Shock Absorber for Passage Car


Here is a simple instruction about adjustable shock absorber for passage car. Adjustable shock absorber can realize your car imagination and make your car more cool. The shock absorber has three part adjustment:


1. Ride height adjustable: The design of the ride height adjustable like the following picture.



2. Damper value adjustable. It realized by the methods:

a. Mechanical adjustable: it needs a special piston rod and the many parts inside it to realized damper adjustable. See the following picture:



b. Magnetic valve: Put the shock absorber in a special magnetic field, and the magnetic field changed the viscosity of oil and the size of hole which the oil flows, then the damping value is adjustable. At the moment, in China, a few factories can make qualified adjustable shock absorber, and the cost is very higher.


3. The height of coil spring adjustable: see the following picture.



Air spring adjustable: The atmospheric pressure can adjustable by a charging pump system. See the following picture:




This kind of air spring suspension is used to replace the original suspension of luxury passage car. If can also be used to replace the ordinary complete strut assemblies, but the car owner need to equip the air pump and electronic control system.