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Sports Rider Suspension

Compare with Shock Absorber and Complete Strut, Sports Rider Suspension has the advantage of adjusting the vehicle's height and maximize the vehicle's handling comfort, the owners will have more control on vehicle.



1.  Height is adjustable via the locking nut.

  • Adjust/set the angle at each wheel (changes the contact force or weight of each wheel).
  • Changes the vehicle balance over all four wheels.
  • Reduces the vehicles center of gravity to improve handling. Improves control when cornering.
  • Several variables effect the overall drive and feel.(Vehicle weight, tire type, driving conditions, etc…) 

2. “Lower” the vehicle.

  • Adjustable kits, or kits that reduce the ground clearance are commonly used on passenger vehicles.
  • Used with “sport packages” these kits let the vehicle owner “adjust” vehicle height. In most installations the vehicle is "lowered".






Now LEACREE Sports Rider Suspension almost can apply for various types of vehicles in lots of different models below:

  • Korean Cars
  • American Cars
  • European Cars
  • Chinese Cars
  • Japanese Cars

We are still developing more models to serve our customers the most satisfying experience from LEACREE. 


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