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Off Road Suspension

Off-road vehicles is mostly driven in outdoor, so the road conditions are generally very poor, ordinary cars can not go on the road, but off-road vehicles can go, some rough road, only off-road vehicles, can reach the destination. 
We have developed shock absorbers that suit for every challenge.



1.  Standard Off Road Shock Absorber

Replace the original parts, design and produce base on OE technical request.


2.  LIFT Off Road Shock Absorber

Off-road vechical usually drien on bumpy road, then the chasis is easy to hit the ground , because of the spring force is not strong enough to support the impact of vehicle itself and the huge ground hole turbulence, then more powerful coil spring and shock absorbers are needed,  LIFT STYLE supply the strong and higher coil spring and shock absorber to upgrade your vechical.


2007 - 2018 JEEP WRANGLER JK 2 DOOR, Raise 2 inches



3.  Customize Off Road Shock Absorber

LEACREE has customize service. Check our newest Customize Off Road Shock Absorber here.


2007-2014 Honda CR-V,  Raise 1.5 inches







Now LEACREE Sports Rider Suspension almost can apply for various types of vehicles in lots of different models below:

  • Korean Cars
  • American Cars
  • European Cars
  • Chinese Cars
  • Japanese Cars

We are still developing more models to serve our customers the most satisfying experience from LEACREE. 


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