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Mono Tube Shock Absorber

Compact structure, light weight, high working efficiency, spring effect of high pressure gas, combined with best-matched damping, to achieve a smoother ride and passenger comfort.



  • One tube design. The lower end of the shock absorber has a gas storage chamber with high pressure nitrogen.
  • The piston area is large and the volume of the damping oil in the unit time is high, whose can eliminate the larger instantaneous pressure and then the reaction of piston is quick.
  • The mono tube design has large oil storage volume with good heat dissipation effect.
  • Oil and gas separation can effectively reduce the negative effect of damping oil bubbling and damping heat attenuation, so the damping performance is stable.






Now LEACREE Sports Rider Suspension almost can apply for various types of vehicles in lots of different models below:

  • Korean Cars
  • American Cars
  • European Cars
  • Chinese Cars
  • Japanese Cars

We are still developing more models to serve our customers the most satisfying experience from LEACREE. 


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