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LEACREE Enhanced Valve Upgraded Technology


In order to enhance your ride comfort, smooth and driving experience, LEACREE released shocks & struts with enhanced valve system. We promise you will feel the difference.

What's Enhanced Valve Upgraded Technology?

Technology Highlights

  • Balance the stiffness of each valve system of shock absorbers
  • Change the parameters of the shutoff valve and the stiffness of the flow valve by optimizing the piston structure
  • More efficient recovery for vehicle shock absorbers at low-speed high-frequency vibration state
  • Strengthen the damping force on the basis of the original vehicle

Product Features 

  • Original appearance, original ride height
  • Reduce high-frequency vibration, increase the stability
  • Improve ride comfort and handling
  • Enhance steering and braking performance

Professional Testing

We use a professional testing system to test the shock absorber power spectrum curve of the Corolla front shock absorbers with the normal valve system and the enhanced valve system. The test result shows that the shock absorbers with enhanced valve system are more effective in suppressing high-frequency vibration.

Professional Testing  (2)
Professional Testing  (1)

We installed the shock absorbers and spring assembly with normal valve system and enhanced valve system for testing. Place 500ml of red water in a measuring cup horizontally at the rear of the car, and pass the speed bump at a speed of 5km/h. The shaking height of the water in the measuring cup of a vehicle equipped with a normal valve shock absorber can reach up to 600ml, and the vibration frequency is about 1.5HZ; while the shaking height of the water in the vehicle equipped with enhanced shock absorber is up to 550ml, and the vibration frequency is 1HZ.
It shows that vehicles equipped with enhanced shock absorbers have less vibration when passing speed bumps and bumpy roads, running more smoothly, and have better comfort and handling.

The pictures of the maximum shaking height of water in the measuring cup for vehicles with the enhanced valve system shock absorbers and normal valve system shock absorbers are as pictures:


LEACREE product lines will adopt the latest enhanced valve upgraded technology, not only shock absorbers and complete strut assemblies, but also the customized suspension parts.


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