Lower Your Vehicle Height, Not Your Standards

How to make your car look sporty instead of buying a new one entirely? Well, the answer is to customize the sports suspension kit for your car.

Because performance-driven or sports cars are often expensive and these cars are not suitable for people with children and families, we recommend LEACREE Sports Suspension Lowering Kit, which will make your current SUV, sedan, or hatchback look sporty. You don’t even have to replace other suspension parts for such a customization. This kit includes a front complete strut assembly, a rear shock absorber and a spring (some models are strut for rear side).

This article is about installation story of LEACREE sport suspension lowering kit for Honda Civic. Lower your vehicle height, not your standards.

Not Your Standards (2)
Not Your Standards (1)

(Front sport suspension struts assembly)

Lower Your Vehicle Height (2)
Lower Your Vehicle Height (1)

(Rear shocks and coil spring)

A properly lowered vehicle not only looks better, but will also lower the center of gravity for improved handling characteristics, provide a much better road feel, and reduce excessive body roll.

Post time: Jul-11-2021